As an ambitious career woman in the corporate world I was working 60 hours a week just trying to get ahead and move up the corporate ladder. I quickly realized there was little room at the top for a woman and guilt along with a strong desire to be there for my family—forced me to make some changes. I wanted to have the best of both worlds. So, 17 years ago I started my own Home-based business and I haven’t looked back! Today I work the hours I want, spend quality time with my family, enjoy various leisure activities and I earn more than anything the corporate world could offer. Best of all, I am in control!

I also help others do the same. If you are like me—we need to talk! You bring the desire and motivation and I’ll show you how to have personal time and financial freedom through your own home-based business.

Sandi Sullivan - Founder

A year ago I left a wonderful well paying position with an employer that I had been with for many years. As much as I did enjoy my job, there were downsides including irregular hours, high miles on my car, and a strain on my family life.

Then my life changed -- at a wedding. A long time friend heard my struggles and made one simple comment, "You should really take a look at what my wife, Sandi, is doing!" The next week I called Sandi, we met and that was it - that same day I became my OWN boss. The best part is that now that I work from home, I am able to be there for my young children and husband. It is amazing to me that I am my own BOSS! I make up my own schedule, I dictate the hours I work; all around what is best for my family. In addition I also am able to put in more time volunteering for causes that I am passionate about.

I have made a dramatic difference in how I live life and now because of the nature of our business, I make a difference in the lives of others. I look forward to sharing with you how this business can give you the freedom, flexibility and income you can use to achieve your individual dreams and goals.

Susie Snowdon, Florida

I formerly was a manager of a major weight loss center, a sales manager for a large corporation, and a real estate agent and mortgage broker. When I got pregnant with my first son, we decided that I should be at home. This was an easy decision because my husband, Mark had created a very successful real estate business. With my children grown now and with more time on my hands I was interested in getting back to work to pursue another career. I wanted something with complete flexibility because of Mark's unpredictable schedule. I also wanted to be able to make sure I could take time off and enjoy quality family time. I knew I needed to be my own boss. I certainly didn't want to start up a traditional business because we've seen so many put up large sums of money, only to lose their whole life savings. I wanted no risk.

I need to thank Sandi Sullivan for asking Mark to take a look at her business. She was only looking for a referral or two but after meeting with her, he saw that the business made total sense . I was in Italy for 6 weeks so he decided to test drive the products until I returned. I started using the products and was impressed immediately, but I got really excited when we received a check for $43! Mark said that this was the start of our retirement plan. I was intrigued to find out more, so I met with Sandi. I learned that this was a win-win business and through teamwork I could help others create significant wealth with no risk. I saw that the company had an incredible track record and a more impressive future. I decided that this was my calling. I truly feel rewarded when I can help change someone's life! It's become my passion. We welcome you to be part of our team.

Dawn Mcknight - Tampa, Fl.

I worked in the corporate world for about 20 years until I was laid off about 3 years ago. Instead of trying to find another corporate job I decided to open a small business of my own. With four very active boys I needed something that would allow me to be more available for them, but would also continue to bring in a reliable source of income. The business is service orientated and I love the work, but it is not a reliable source of income. Sandra Sullivan, the founder of this business introduced me to her business and suggested I work with her on a part-time basis to simply add to my income. I got started but really didn’t take it seriously until January 2007 when my small business was not meeting my basic financial needs. Going back to the corporate world was not an option, so I switched gears and started spending more time working on my this business.

The business has proven to be both simple and rewarding in so many ways. I am able to set my own hours and the only one I have to be accountable to is myself. this business has created such an awesome opportunity for me and knowing that support is just a phone call away makes it all the better.

Ramelle Meitzler

A turning point came for me after the birth of my beautiful daughter. Prior to her arrival, I enjoyed a very creative and financially rewarding career in the Cosmetology Industry. However, after the very short length of time new mothers are allowed to bond with their babies -- I found my employer and clients calling.... wanting me back...NOW! The euphoric feeling I had since her birth was now replaced with stress and dread at the thought of returning to the workday grind and all the complications that being a "working mom" entailed.

I got very clear on what I wanted to do with the next season of my life. I knew I wanted to be available to my family, to be financially free, make my own hours, and also make a contribution in the lives of others. After a series of fortunate events, I was introduced to this amazing business concept through this business!

After exploring the business and reputation behind it, I knew this was my path to achieve my goals! The leadership and support I have received is helping me to achieve the financial freedom and balance that I feel is so important to a happy family today. Let me pay it forward by recommending that you contact the person who referred you to this site. There is nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.

Shannon Whiting - Tampa, Fl.

As a critical care nurse of 14 years, a wife and a mother of three beautiful children, I have acquired a true appreciation of the benefits of good health and physical wellness. I love helping people get well and teaching them how to achieve a healthier lifestyle. I love being a mom even more, so I was devastated when my husband lost his job. I had to work more hours and spend more time away from my family. Not to mention the fact that we were expecting our third child. I knew there had to be another way to regain and maintain our financial stability without sacrificing quality family time. I began my search for an opportunity to make extra money from home and I found it with this business! It has given me the opportunity to work from home with incredible earning potential.

ANYONE can learn and duplicate this simple business system. We work together as a team to help one another achieve our goals. I was even more certain this was the opportunity for me when I started hearing words like honest, balance, peace of mind, live healthier lives, safer homes, physical wellness, and financial wellness. This is a real opportunity and you will be teaming up with real people like me, Moms like me who don't want to miss anymore field trips, class parties or sporting events. After all, kids grow up way too fast as it is. Come join our team, and come home to own your own lives!

Melanie Lombardo